Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What? Did you say something to me?

I've been a tiny bit distracted lately.

This is why

I've wanted one of these for a while now. My friend got one for Christmas and seeing her excitement, made me want one even more. I told myself when I sold 4 more picture frames, I'd do it.

I did a LOT of research before I decided to buy a Kindle. I looked at all the internet posts comparing the Kindle to the Nook and Sony reader and a few others. I was very interested in the eBook checkout system at our local library but found out you have to wait quite a while for them. Really? The library eBooks are a format that doesn't comply with Kindle but does with all the others I was looking at. I won't bore you with everything I learned. Ultimately, I went with the Kindle and so far, I'm not sorry I did.

Once I had my new little friend home, I knew I needed to make it nice and cozy. I needed to make it nice and safe so I could throw it into my purse. Also, as slim and lovely as it is, I wanted more to hang onto. I looked and looked for ideas on the internet and found several. I'm pretty good at looking at something and making it better for me.

My first attempt

The front

The inside

Folded backward and hooked to itself with the velcro

The pockets on the oposite side.  I guess for a tablet or something.
This one is just a little thick.  I put two layers of very heavy interfacing in there.

I carried it around in this for several days but then got excited about making some little tweaks and making one with fabric that makes my skirt fly up.

My second attempt
The outside with a smaller flap and only one layer of heavy interfacing inside.  Also made the corners a little pointy-er

The inside with more reinforced corners

No change in the pockets

Folded back

Another shot of it folded back

I LOVE the colors of this one. It makes me happy just to look at it. You might want to know how I reach those buttons and the on/off switch there at the bottom right side. Well, the corner slips off easily and still stays put! I think I'm in love.

Here is the question though....

Should I make them and try to sell them? I could make them for iPad and Nook and any of the others. There are a ton of them out there on the internet.

I don't know.

How much would you pay for one of these babies?


  1. You make the neatest stuff! I'd expect to pay at least $20 for something like that. :)

  2. Oh stop!! That is too cool! (I don't know what I'd pay. First I need a kindle...)

  3. So pretty! I love the orange and yellow fabric. Scott got me a leather case with the Kobo he got me for Christmas, or I'd be seriously tempted. I totally think you could sell those. How much? I don't know! I'm thinking 15-20, but maybe check what similar things are selling for, put up a few on etsy and see what happens!

  4. Oh man! I gotta get one for my momma!