Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm the only girl in my house.

Since the day I got married 25 ½ years ago, I’ve been the only girl in my house.  I’ve been thinking of some of the benefits and decided to list a few.

I have several friends with the same one-sided gender household.  Feel free to add to the list!

1.       My makeup stays in my makeup drawer.
2.       I don’t have to share my shoes.
3.       At rest stop bathrooms, both boys go with Garth and I get to go in alone.
4.       I get to watch more documentaries about war and guns than I ever thought I would.
5.       Although it hasn’t happened for a few years, I got to spend time on the floor playing with Knex and Legos for hours while having great conversations about bugs and the like.
6.       I don’t feel the extreme need to shout “I call that …(insert name of cool car here)” while driving around town.
This one happens to be Jensen's favorite.  I think if he saw one in real life, we'd have to potty train all over again...

7.       I get to have a G.I. Joe Christmas tree topper.
Our 20+ year old star tree topper died last year.  This year our tree had a double top so what else could we do?  It made me happy every time I looked at it!

8.       I get to help my sons with Cub and Boy Scout stuff.
This is from this last year 2011

9.       Bathroom humor is actually kind of funny.
10.   My boys are trained to respect my Dooney & Bourke and Coach and bags.  Jensen has been known to point out a Coach bag or two on t.v. shows.  Garth is really proud of that one.
11.   I don’t have to kill all the spiders.
12.   I usually don’t have to lift heavy things.
13.   I’m able to take a small bit of pride in a loud belch.
14.   I have 3 handy jar openers.
15.   Nobody wants to ride my pink bike.  Although Gordon has ridden it a time or two in a moment of desperation.

Ahhhh, I LOVE my life!