Monday, February 13, 2012


I have a new Hero in my life.  Her name is Kyra.  She is my niece.  She is beautiful.  She is a teenager. 

I was privileged last week to witness the birth of Kyra's baby boy.

It was a crowded room.

Kyra, her Mother (my sister), her Grandmother, two sisters, a cousin, two Aunts and her boyfriend were there. 

We were all there to cheer her on as she delivered a precious little person. 

We had tears in our eyes.  One, because it's a miracle to witness and two, because a teenager shouldn't be going through something so huge and life altering.

Sure, Kyra made choices that let her to this hard time in her life.

It's not my place to judge her.  It is my place to love her.

Kyra had her baby boy on a Thursday and on Saturday, she did one of the hardest, most courageous things she will ever do in her life.

My hero, chose a wonderful family to adopt, love and raise this sweet child.  I think she chose well.

I was asked to make a quilt to go with him to his new family.  Kyra, her Mother and I met at the fabric store and she picked out some cute fabric.  I was honored.  It was hard to sew while trying to keep my eyes dry.

Kyra, you are my Hero and I love you.