Thursday, June 24, 2010

A complete thought anyone?

Jensen is my talker. He is always talking. Most of the time he has really interesting things to say. When he talks, he uses a lot of hand gestures that he wants you to see. So, if you are listening to Jensen, you are also watching Jensen. Every once in a while, I try the old "hmmm, really, nice, wow" responses without looking but it doesn't last long. "Mom... look" "oh wow son, that's cool."

The thing we hear the most you ask?
"Gordon did it"
(usually without hand gestures unless it is to point at Gordon)

Just this morning I was trying to respond to some email questions from a customer when Jensen came downstairs.
Me: Good morning sweetie
Him: Can I have a hug?
Me: of course you can, did you sleep well?
Him: I woke up at 7:15 then went back to sleep and had a 3 minute dream but when I woke up again it was 8:00
Me: Hmmm, what was your dream about?
Him: I don't really remember anything other than I picked up a stuffed bear and set it down.
Me: Interesting...

Last night, Jensen and Gordon went with Garth to work on the area where youth conference will be this weekend. They are setting up all sorts of things for the youth to do in the woods.

Me: Did you have fun with dad last night?
Him: yes, we had a great time!
Me: what did you do?
Him: we rode around on ATV's even though there is a sign on the back of the ATV that says you shouldn't ride on the back of it. We rode on the back of it.
Me: did you wear a helmet or anything?
Him: pffft! No. We didn't have any.
Me: hmmmm...

Then he went on to describe the other things they did:

(pay no attention to the old towel on the back of the couch... our new family member likes to sit up there)

I love my baby boy.
My life would be boring without him.
He makes me laugh every day.
He makes me roll my eyes every day.
Me makes me repeat myself every day, all day. What? What did you say?
He hugs me every day.
I hug him every day.

Sometimes we send him upstairs to get his jammies on or get dressed or put those clothes away and we won't see him for an hour. We call it seeing something shiny. That sounds better than getting distracted by stupid stuff doesn't it?
Sometimes it is hard to have a complete thought around here but I love it that way.

Here is an older but funny video of Jensen playing the wii. He didn't know I was taking the video. I was trying not to shake my phone too much while I took it. I was laughing.