Monday, April 11, 2011

But..... I did it last time!

Recently, Garth and I decided it was high time for an actual job chart for the Walker Family.  Since our refrigerator is usually covered with pictures and things to not forget I needed a place to put a job chart. 

I thought about it and had a vision.

My vision didn't have these blurry cell phone pictures though.  Why didn't I just go upstairs and get the real camera?  Laziness.

So, first I went to Costco and bought a magnetic dry erase board for $19.99.  It looks just like this one but without the containers attached to it.

This is going to go in the kitchen and I didn't want that lovely aluminum frame to ugly it up so I took it off.

I purchased some pine 1x4's to make a new frame.
First, I needed to route the edges so they would look nice and route out the part where the white board would go.

Here they are, ready for cutting.

I cut the edges with a 45 degree angle so they would fit nicely together.

I painted the pieces black then sanded them so they had a nice rustic look.  As an amazing finish contractor who spends his days making things nice and smooth and pretty, my Dad doesn't like the word "rustic". 
Sorry Dad!

I nailed the frame together so it looks like this

Then I stained it with American Walnut stain and inserted the white board. 

I added some hooks and acrylic knobs that make me happy and hung it on the wall!

Within minutes, Gordon addes his touch.

Soon, I'll print some job charts and hang them on the white board with lovely magnets.  Once we decide we like the "format"  I'll have a friend cut some vinyl to make it official.

Gordon and Jensen are anxiously waiting......   Poor babies.