Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Slob Husband

A few nights ago, I was sitting at my sewing machine with the TV. on. I was really enjoying myself when Garth came into my area of the office/sewing room.

Let me explain.

We have two bedrooms at the front of our house that measure 10x19 feet. Long and skinny. The boys share one and Garth and I share the other. Just inside the door of the office there are three desks. One cool roll top desk that is a bit dusty. One computer desk. And another long dresser desk-ish combo. On top of that is a shelf unit. These desks are positioned so that you can't see the back half of the room. There, in the back half, is my little oasis. My fabric is there. My sewing machine is there. My awesome TV. is there. The window is there. My candy stash is gone for good I’m afraid. Someday I'll post pictures of the room.

So, back to my original ramblings....
I was sitting there having a great time when Garth walked into my area. He proceeded to tell me that he thinks our roles are reversed. I'm the slob husband. He went on to explain... My half of the garage is spilling onto his half of the garage in a huge/bad way (still haven't organized myself after the Christmas rush). I never put my hair dryer and sometimes make up back in the drawer. I have a pile of laundry on our bedroom floor.... I believe he said a few other things but I might have tuned him out.

I really was planning on working on the garage the next day. Really. I was. I didn't try to explain this. I knew I would sound a bit pathetic.

The next day, after the boys left for school, I headed to the garage with two sweatshirts and a jacket on. While I was freezing my patootie off in the Garage I had a lot of time to think.

I took my phone out of my pocket and without pausing the music, sent a text to my turtle dove. I thanked him for having a smile on his face as he called me a slob husband.

I’m a lucky girl.


  1. Me too! I am the Oscar in our Oscar/Felix Odd Couple relationship! Isn't it nice we married people who were not exactly like us! That would be SO boring! :)