Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Time of Year...

*I get to stand in my garage, stare at all my wood and imagine what kind of amazing things I can do with it.

*I breathe in a whole lot of saw dust.

*I love my Band Saw.

*I occasionally sand off a fingerprint.

*My family has been trained to turn the garage lights on and off to get my attention. I don't want to be startled and saw off a finger or anything like that.

*I am always wearing my "paint shirts" that are cruddy and old and stained.  I am almost but not really embarrased when people I know see me like that.

*My hair is almost always in a pony tail.  Not always a good look on me...

*I neglect my dish washer and vacuume.

*I love my Milwaukee Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

*I can go all day without saying a word to anyone and be just fine.  I like myself.

*I love my Scroll Saw.

* I count all the $ I made, pay my tithing and buy Christmas presents.

Then, I look down and see the big mess I get to clean up in January.