Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Dreaded phone call...

Garth was on the "Manly Man" backpacking trip this week but came home one day early because of a storm on the mountain they were hiking. They climbed to the top of the South Sister in Sisters, Oregon.

I had him all to myself on Friday. First we got the kids off to school. Then we walked the dog. Then we made plans for the day and a list of things to purchase for Jensen's birthday party that was scheduled for Friday night.

One of the things on the list was to go have lunch with Jensen at his school. They were having a BBQ for any parents that could attend. It was nice. As we were leaving, I saw out the back door that Jensen had taken his coat off and piled it on top of a pile of other coats on the playground bench. He was running around having a great time.

We left there and headed to Target then Home Depot and finally Costco to pick up his birthday cake.

We were about 2/3 of the way to Costco when my phone rang. It was the secretary from Joan Austin Elementary. The way she said "hi Julie, this is Kathy" I knew she was going to tell me something awful had happened to my baby. Instead she told me that Jensen had head lice. Eewwww!

All I could think about was that his birthday party was just 4 hours away! What were we going to do?

We hurried and picked up the cake and some Nix, got to the school as quick as we could to pick him up. They had him sequestered in the little nurses room working on classroom work without the classroom of course.

We got him home and Garth took him upstairs to the bathroom and started a two hour process. I stayed downstairs and wiped and wiped and sprayed and vacuumed everything in sight twice. We felt pretty good about everything so as each parent dropped off their child I told them what was going on and what we had done. If they wanted to have their child not stay, we understood.

Surprisingly they ALL 5 of them stayed. It was a fun time.

Once they left, we headed upstairs and stripped everything off the boy’s beds and went about cleaning their room and washing everything. All stuffed animals and pillows are in white plastic bags awaiting their turn for a half hour ride in the super hot dryer.


I do have to say that at first, I was thinking "what mom would send their child to school with lice so that my child would get it" then I remembered where Jensen's coat had been earlier in the day....

Sorry other parents!  We didn't know!

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