Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Don't love Dogs.....

I really really don't love dogs or cats or little furry anythings. 
Waaaayyyy too many reason s to list.  really.

Last year, Garth's parents called to say they were going to serve a mission for our church in Taipei, Taiwan. 

The first thought that popped into my head was "we could take Penny"

What?  Where did that come from?  A dog.... in MY house?  For a whole year and a half?  Crazy.

I do believe my Mother-in-law was a little apprehensive about leaving her baby with her non pet loving daughter-in-law.  Her other one loves dogs.

I believe Penny and I have done pretty well so far.  She thinks I love her and I do like her a lot.  She is cute.

Little Penny is turning 7 soon if not already.  I think she was born in March.
She is a Trained Therapy Dog and really very well behaved. 

We've had her for 10 months now.  In those 10 months, she's learned to go potty outside. Yay!  She was used to potty papers at her house.  My in-laws live at the Running Running Y Ranch in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Penny could be eaten by any number of bigger than her things.

She's taken over one of our family room chairs.

If there is a blanket on the couch she's gonna test it out.

She sleeps on Jensen's bed

Every morning she does this hoping for tummy rubs.  She usually gets them.

She believes all legs are for getting comfy on

We made her a bed for Christmas

This is her real Mom and Dad

We try to send pictures and videos to them often. 

I know My Mother-in-law Ellen misses Penny terribly.  They will be home in October and Penny will take up her usual position on Ellen's shoulders as she sits and reads by the window.

I might miss her.


  1. Oooh, I'm with you there. I've never been a dog person, though I will make exceptions for certain dogs and this one looks like a sweetheart. Still not quite sure how I gave in to getting a dog, but I like him sometimes. :) I think it was guilt because Scott is such an animal lover. So sweet to do that for the in-laws and fun for the boys.

  2. So sometime in October you're gonna be getting yourself a new Penny, eh? I don't care for dogs myself. If only they could just take care of themselves...