Sunday, May 2, 2010

My boy…. The Leader

Two weeks ago I received an email from Jensen’s 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Buck. She said that she’d selected Jensen to receive the April “character counts award” for his class. Each month the whole school works on a specific character trait and one student from each class receives an award for best displaying that trait.

The award was for Leadership.

In our house, Jensen is the youngest and doesn’t get many chances to be a leader. I’m so happy he has the opportunity to do it at school!

In the beginning of April, I asked Jensen what the character trait was for the month. He told me it was leadership then leaned in and said “I think I might get this one”.

Here he is before he saw his dad with the camera

Jensen's friend Tyler is pointing to Garth

Listening to all the other names being called....

Hearing his Name

Making his way through the crowd
Checking out the certificate and charm

Standing with Mrs. Buck (pink sweater)

Giving my baby a squeeze
Heading to class with the all the rest

Garth and I are feeling pretty proud of our Jensen!

I've got some pictures somewhere of Gordon at the same age receiving an award for kindness.  I'm going to search for one of the pictures to compare.  Should be fun.


  1. The shot of you guys smiling at each other is fantastic! It's SO great to document these moments. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVED this series of photos. Oh my heck! So cute. You must be so proud of your boy. What great sons you are raising! And so darn cute too!