Friday, April 23, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

The Construction

The Finished Product!

In order to get the weight right, we scavenged some weights from the bottom of the curtains and glued them on the back and top of the car.  We knew we were close but not quite 5 ounces so we took some washers and the hot glue gun just in case.  We ended up just needing one washer that we glued to the bottom.

The Competition

There were some Losses

But, there were just a few more wins

Jensen's Car had a tendency to do this:

We took the three weights from the top/back of the car and re-glued them to the front and had much better luck.  Jensen's friend Luke raced his car backwards because it was faster that way!

In the end Jensen tied for 4th Place.  Not bad.

Before the race started we had lots of smiles and enjoyed watching the boys check out eachother's cars.

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  1. You got some great pictures! He did such a good job on his car. Way to go Jensen!